About Us

Dr. Djunot Destina

Licensed Acupuncturist

Dr. Destina graduated from Florida College of Integrative Medicine. He is an experienced Acupuncturist. He provides a holistic approach to your Acupuncture experience. He has been practicing for over ten years in the areas of injury and pain, stress and anxiety, digestive and hormonal imbalance. Dr. Destina is dedicated to working with you to find the most affective and nurturing path towards restoring your health and well-being.

What Do I Do?
  • Acupuncture
  • Cupping
  • Infrared / Heat Therapy
  • Tui-na Manual Therapy
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Injection and Intravenous Therapy 

Marcus Millen, LMT.

United States Air Force E-5/SSGT
Service-Connected Disabled Veteran

Keiser University Graduate AS Massage Therapy Class of ‘12
Marshall County High School Class of ‘98

Marcus grew up in a small-town environment in the central Tennessee area until graduating high school in 1998, then joined the United States Air Force a year later. In a span of ten years while on active duty, he was able to travel and live in places that were never thought. During his ten-year plus career, he has experienced multiple injuries due to service overseas. In a deployed environment during operation OIF/OEF, and other deployments his body had forgone a lot of physical therapy. That’s where his healing heart was first developed, in his opinion. It’s a great feeling knowing someone in pain has benefitted and become pain-free from the therapy administered. Over the 7 years that he has been a therapist, Marcus has become very well-rounded due to experience in all three areas of the industry. With the Spa, Medical, and Fitness background, he has had the pleasure of working with clients that have ranged from everyday, hard-working people to car accident patients, some that just believe wholeheartedly in massage as a form of healing, and even professional athletes. It has always been Marcus’ goal and ambition to provide a service that is effective and, most importantly, is catered to the need of each specific client. While at the same time, providing the utmost relief for them to the best of his abilities.

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