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This is just the beginning of your wellness journey.
Whole Body Cryotherapy is not only for athletes. Improve your busy lifestyle by spending a few minutes
in the chamber.
Relax, sleep better, and even improve your circulation by taking advantage of our infrared saunas.

At NUVO, we focus on a holistic approach to your health.

See what we have to offer!

We are here to help you to achieve all of your goals!

Please consult with Staff for pricing on specialty services.

Walk-in Pricing

Whole Body Cryotherapy
Facial/Local Cryotherapy

Compression Therapy
Infrared Yoga

Infrared Cycle


Massage Therapy $79
Price may vary depending upon needs of the patient/client.


B12 Vitamin Boost
B12 Vitamin Boost (Pack of 4)

Pricing for Packages
Packages include Cryotherapy, Infrared Saunas, and Massages.

Cryotherapy (Regular price: $55 each)

3 Whole Body or Local Cryotherapy
$99 (Regular price $135)
5 Whole Body or Local Cryotherapy
$175 (Regular price $225)
7 Whole Body or Local Cryotherapy
$245 (Regular price $315)
10 Whole Body or Local Cryotherapy
$300 (Regular price $450)

Nuvo Infrared Saunas
Ask our staff about our Infrared Unlimited monthly membership. $49 per month

3 Infrared Yoga Sessions
$45 (Regular price $60)
5 Infrared Yoga Sessions
$75 (Regular price$100)
10 Infrared Yoga Sessions
$150 (Regular price $200)
3 Infrared Cycle Sessions
$45 (Regular price $60)
5 Infrared Cycle Sessions
$75 (Regular price $100)
10 Infrared Cycle Sessions

$150 (Regular price $200)

Massage Therapy

60-Minute Relaxation Massage
90-Minute Relaxation Massage
4 Specialty 60-Minute Muscular Treatments

3 Specialty 90-Minute Muscular Treatments

NUVO Wellness & Recovery has a special priced one time trial offer!

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